Turbo-charge your Software

When it comes to getting the most out of your design software concentrating on enhancing individual skill levels is just one side of the equation.  If you want to achieve maximum quality, consistency and efficienecy of AutoCAD or Revit output then you need to customise your software to suit your industry, company or project requirements. This involves configuring the software in a variety of ways to allow for the streamlining of common tasks and workflows. Whether you are an individual user, work as part of a small team or are part of a large multi-disciplinary design consultancy you will get a lot more work done to a higher standard if you invest some energy in getting your software set-up correctly.

At Opticad we have helped many different companies from many different industries do exactly this.  It is a process which has always delivered substantial increases in individual, team and company productivity as well as improve the consistency and quality of output.

“We were glad to come across Opticad and work with them on improving our current AutoCAD set-up as an organisation. Chris [Opticad’s consultant] was intelligent, well versed in the current version of the software and had an understanding of how design organisations work. This allowed him to rapidly help us put a new system in place which has greatly increased productivity and reduced errors in our drawing packages.”

Sanjay Sharma – Operations Director – Interiors with Art